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  • African commitments to democracy in theory and practice: A review of eight NEPAD countries


  • African commitments to civil society engagement: A review of eight NEPAD countries

    M'BOGE, Fatoumatta DOE, Sam Gbaydee

  • Human security in Africa: A conceptual framework for review

    CILLIERS, Jackie

  • Le travail d'intérét général: Guide pratique

    Penal Reform International

  • Report on the workshop on African women and tradition, culture and religion held under the auspices of the African centre for democracy and human rights Studies


  • Bulletin 2008: Les peuples indigénes et tribaux les activités traditionneles


  • Prison conditions in Africa: Report of a seminar 2 to 4 April 1993

    Africa Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies

  • Guidelines for preparation of progress indicators in the area of economics, social and cultural rights

    Organisation of American States (OAS)

  • Public attitudes and international development co-operation

    SMILLIE, Ian (ed.)

  • What religious leaders can do about HIV/AIDS: Action for children and young people


  • Women's voices and African theatre: case studies from Kenya, Mali, the Democrativ Republic of Congo and Zimbabwe


  • Human rights monitor 2006


  • Human rights monitor 2005


  • Council of ministers sixty-ninth ordinary session: Introductory note to the report of the secretary-general

    Organisation of African Unity (OAU)

  • Journal of African law


  • Report on the implementation of the national action programme on governance


  • Children of war: Report from the conference on children of war Stockholm 31 May - 2 June 1991


  • La déclaration d' Istanbul et le programme pour l'habitat


  • Speaking for ourselves1985 - 2000: Celebrating fifteen years of commitment to the empowerment of African women

    Akina Mama wa Afrika

  • The human rights to housing

    United Nations

  • La création du droit en Afrique

    DARBON, Dominique

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  • la conclusion des traités en droit constitutionnel Zairois

    SALMON, Jean J. A.

  • les migrants et leurs droits au Maghreb

    ELMADMAD, Khadija

  • La nationalité en afrique

    MANBY, Bronwen

  • Le Gabon et son ombre

    GAULME, François

  • Les casques bleus au Rwanda

    CASTONGUAY, Jacques

  • Situation of Press freedoms in Sudan and the world 2016

    Sudan Human Rights Organization

  • Surveillance and Democracy: Chilling tales from around the world


  • Guidelines for states reporting under the protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples´ Rights of Women in Africa


  • Directives pour la présentation du rapport d´état aux termes du protocole à la charte africaine des droits de l´homme et des peuples relatif aux droits des femmes en Afrique


  • GTZ legal pluralism and gender pilot projet: Child maintainance in plural legal system

    Raymond A.

  • GTZ legal pluralism and gender pilot projet:Peri urbanism, land relations and women in Ghana

    KOTEY, Nii Ashie Mark Owusu Yeboah

  • GTZ legal pluralism and gender pilot projet: The participatory learning and action process

    Minkah-Premo, Sheila KOTEY, Nii Ashie