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  • Who is who in the Gambia?: With a historical perspective


  • Judicial attitudes of the Kenyan bench on sexual violence cases - a digest


  • Report from the seminar on female genital mutilation Copenhagen, 29 May 1995


  • Traditional medicine and pharmacopoeia contribution to the revision of ethnobotanical and floristic studies in Ghana

    MSHANA, N.R. (

  • Land rights and minorities

    PLANT, Roger

  • Legal rights organizing for women in Africa: A trainer's manual

    BUTEGWA, Florence NDUNA, Sydia

  • Court constitutionnelle: Recueil des decision et avis


  • African charter for popular participation in development and transformation (Arusha 1990)

    The African Court for Human Rights

  • National mechanisms for reporting and follow-up: A study of state engagement with international human rights mechanisms

    United Nations

  • Human rights and traditional justice system in Africa

    United Nations

  • Micro-thesaurus: Un outil pour la documentation sur les violations des droits de l' homme

    VERSTAPPEN, Bert DUECK, Judith GUZMAN, Manuel

  • The day after Mugabe: Prospects for change in Zimbabwe

    MOYO, Gugulethu (ed.) ASHURST, Mark (ed.)

  • Travaux de la conférence régionale sur la réforme de la sanction pénale en Algérie et mise en oeuvre de la réforme des Nations Unies pour l' arrét de l' exécution de la peine de mort


  • Corruption in Southern Africa: A public openion survey

    KUNAKA, Constance SITHOLE, Masipula KLEIN, Richard L.

  • La cour internationale de justice: Questions et réponses sur l'organe judiciaire principal des Nations Unies