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  • United Nations declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples


  • Racism against ingeneous peoples

    CHAKMA, Suhas (ed.) JENSEN, Marianne (ed.)

  • Indigenous peoples: towards a permanent U.N. forum after tw decades of deliberations


  • Reportage sur le VIH/SIDA: Guide de ressources

    NADI, Gifti ALIBHAI, Nabila McBRIDE, Tara

  • Private sector development and poverty reduction


  • ABC of women's rights in South Africa: Make the law work for you

    PILLEMER, Bess TORR, Louise ZIKALALA, Futhi

  • Socio-economic rights in South Africa

    HEYNS, Christof (ed.) Brand, Danie (et al)

  • Rehabilitation of torture victims: Global directory of centres and programmes 2003-2004


  • Heading towards extinction?: Indigenous rights in Africa: The case of Twa of the Kahuzi-Biega national park, Democratic Republic of Congo

    BARUME, Albert Kwokwo

  • International labour migrants: Unsung heroes of globalisation

    RAMAMURTHY, Bhargavi

  • International consultative conference on food security and nutrition as human rights: Conference proceedings report 25-27 March 1999


  • The prosecution of Uhuru Kenyatta at the International Criminal Court

    KAY, Steven

  • Of global concern: Rural livelihood dynamics and natural resource governance

    HAVNEVIK, Kjell (ed.) NEGASH, Tekeste (ed.) BEYENE, Atakilte (ed.)

  • Searching for sense and humanity: Civil society and the struggle for a better Rwanda

    PETER, Chris Maina (ed.)

  • La place de la femme dans la vie publique et dans la prise de décision