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  • the integration of international and european community law into the national legal order. a study of the practice in europe.

    EISEMANN, Pierre Michel (ed.)

  • The African Charter on human and peoples's Rights : second edition, the System in Practice 1986-2006

    EVANS, Malcolm D. (ed.) MURRAY, Rachel (ed.)

  • Rapport national sur le developpement humain: Algerie 2008

    United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

  • Namibia police human rights manual

    LIGHT, Clinton

  • Race and the law in South Africa

    BRYCESON, Debrah Fahy (ed.)

  • Nation building: The UN and Namibia

    McHENRY, Donald F.

  • Towards a new partnership with Africa: Challenges and opportunities

    KAYIZZI-MUGERWA, Steve (ed.) WOHLGEMUTH, Lennart (ed.) OLUKOSHI, Adebayo O.

  • Sur la mise en oeuvre de l' aide extérieure de la commission européenne: Rapport annuel 2002

    European Commission

  • The dynamic of development in the European human rights convention system

    MORRISSON, Clovis C.

  • Report on the national seminar for the protection of human rights defenders

    Human Rights Initiative

  • Pearl of blood: A pamphlet summary of the report of the Uganda commission of inquiry into the violation of human rights

    Uganda Human Rights Commission

  • Post-election focus 1999: A detailed guide to the 1999 election results

    Human Rights Committee

  • The denationalization of blacks South Africans in pursuance of aparthied: A question for the international court of justice?

    DUGARD, John

  • The legal age of majority

    Legal Resources Foundation

  • La charter africa des droits de l'homme et des peuples

    United Nations

  • Droits de l' homme: Questions et réponse

    United Nations

  • The women's rights program

    Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS)