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  • Principais instrumentos internacionais de defesa dos direitos da mulher e de criança


  • African commitments to conflict prevention and peacemaking: A review of eight NEPAD countries

    ANING, Kwesi ADDO, Prosper BIRIKORANG, Emma SOWATEY, Emmanuel

  • 1999 UNICEF Annual report


  • Positive discipline at school: Seven steps to prevent copral punishment and focus on learning

    Save the Children

  • Effectivité des droits des femmes en Afrique de l' Ouest: Quelles responsabilités pour les acteurs judiciaires extrajudiciaries? Cas: Bénin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, Sénégal et Togo


  • Legal grounds: Reproductive and sexual rights in African commonwealth courts

    Center for Reproductive Rights

  • Bringing equality home: Promoting and protecting the inheritance rights of women: A survey of law and practice in sub-Sharan Africa

    SCHOLZ, Birte GOMEZ, Mayra

  • Mediterranean conference on human rights = Conference mediterraneenne sur les droits de l' homme

    ZANGHI, Claudio

  • Peuples ou populations; égalité, autonomie et autodétermination: Les enjeux de la décennie internationale de populations autochtones


  • Seul le silence te protégera: Les femmes, la liberté d'expression et le language des droits de l'homme

    BAUER, Jan

  • South Africa child gauge 2007/2008

    PROUDLOCK, Paula (ed.)

  • Beyond trousers: The public order regime and human rights of women and girls in Sudan

    Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa

  • Le droit et les droits de l' homme

    VILLEY, Michel

  • Assembly of heads of states and government: Thirty-seventh ordinary session and council of ministers seventy-fourth ordinary session

    Organisation of African Unity (OAU)

  • Conference des chefs d' etat et de gouvernement: Trent-septiéme session ordinair

    Organisation of African Unity (OAU)

  • State of the environment report - The Gambia

    GREY-JOHNSON, Nana (ed.)

  • The people's manigesto

    Uganda Woman's Network

  • The Africcan human rights system: A guide for indigenous peoples

    BRAUN, Treva MULVAGH, Lucy

  • Consultative conference on virginity testing report 12 - 14 June 2000

    Commssion on Gender Equality

  • Buwa: What it means to be a young women in Southern Africa

    The Journal of African Women Experiences

  • Peace operations and intrastate conflict: The sword or the olive branch?

    MOCKAITIS, Thomas R.

  • Guide for national red cross and red crescent societies to activities in the event of conflict

    International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

  • Democracy by force: A study of international military intervention in conflict in Sierra Leone from 1991-2000

    BUNDU, Abass

  • The law of the African Banjul charter on human and people Rights

    Jallow Hassan B.

  • Humanitarian law of armed conflict challenges ahead: Essays in honour of Frits Kalshoven

    DELISSEN, Astrid J.M. (ed.) TANJA, Gerard J.

  • Protecting education in insecurity and armed conflict: An international law handbook

    HAUSLER, Kristin URBAN, Nicole McCORQUODALE, Robert

  • Twice humanity

    BERGER, Amelie (ed.)

  • A handbook on the state of the media in Uganda

    KEMIGISHA, Mary Rose (ed.) MUKHOLI, David (ed.) MUTAZINDWA, Francis (ed.) [et al]

  • Caught in Conflicts: Civilian victims, humanitarian assistance and international law

    SANDVIK-NYLUND, Monika (ed)

  • Masses in flight: The global crisis of internal displacement

    DENG, Francis M. COHEN, Roberta

  • Political economy of regionalisation in central Arica

    AYANGAFAC, Chrysantus (ed.)

  • Seeking asylum: Comparative law and practice in selected European countries

    LAMBERT, Héléne

  • Civil society and the state in Africa

    CHAZAN, Naomi (ed.) ROTHSCHILD, Donald (ed.) HARBESON, John W. (ed.)

  • Out of conflict: From war to peace in Africa

    VALE, Peter (ed) SORBO, Gunnar M. (ed.)

  • Le mouvement panafricaniste au vingtiéme siecle: Recueil de textes

    DIOUF, Abdou