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  • Wealth of the poor

    LINDAHL, Claes

  • Wealth of the poor

    LINDAHL, Claes

  • Louder than words : an agenda for action to end state use of thild soldiers


  • The indigenous world 2000-2001


  • Violence in Kenya's public universities : reversing the tide, building a culture of peace and dialogue


  • Report of the Committee of experts on the application of conventions and recommendations : general report and observations concerning particular countries


  • Rapport de la Commission d'experts pour l'application des conventions et recommandations : rapport général et observations concernant certains pays


  • Stop the death penalty : the world decides


  • Lier le ViH/Sida au plaidoyer des femmes pour la paix


  • The annals of the American Academy of political and social science

    LAMBERT, Richard D. (ed) HESTON, Alan W.

  • Open sesame: looking for the right to information in the Commonwealth


  • Victims of organized violence and torture in zimbabwe attending refugee reception offices in south Africa : prevalence and associated features


  • Health in african prisons


  • Working together The human rigyhts based approach to development cooperation: part I

    FRANKOVITS, André EARLE, Patrick

  • The Shame of war : sexual violence againts women and girls in conflict


  • Droits de l'homme et minorités dans les nouvelles démocraties européennes : les aspects éducatifs et culturels


  • China's challenge : freedom of expression in Hong Kong


  • Working together: The human rigyhts based approach to development cooperation part II

    FRANKOVITS, André EARLE, Patrick

  • Les droits de l'homme: une responsabilité commune

    BLANCHARD, Francis

  • The global trap: Globalization and the assault on prosperity and democracy

    Martin, Hans-Peter Schuman, Harald

  • National mechanisms for reporting and follow-up: A pratical guide to effective state engagement with international human rights mechanism

    United Nations

  • Report of the Chilean national commission on truth and reconciliation

    jose zalaquett

  • From authoritarian rule toward democratic governance: learning from political leaders

    Lowentha, Abraham F. Bitar Sergio

  • From human wrongs to human rights

    Brand, Danie (et al)

  • A guide to the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights

    Amnesty International

  • Academic freedom 1990: A human rights report

    FERNANDO, Laksiri (ed.) NOWAK, Manfred (ed.) HARTLEY, Nigel (ed.)

  • Education denied: costs and remedies

    TOMASEVSKI, Katarina

  • The right to education: an analysis of Unesco's standard-setting intruments

    DAUDET, Yves SINGH, Kishore

  • Human rights intruments

    Banning Van Theo (et al)

  • Human rights, regionalism and the dilemmas of democracy in Africa

    WOHLGEMUTH, Lennart (ed.) SALL, Ebrima (ed.)

  • The concept of human rights in Africa

    SHIVJI, Issa G.

  • Academic freedom 3: Education and human rights

    DANIAL, John (ed.) (et al) NOWAK, Manfred (ed.) HARTLEY, Nigel (ed.)

  • Africa development

    Sow Fatou (et al)

  • Corruption and governance in the DRC: During the transition period (2003-2006)

    KODI, Muzong

  • Canadian journal of African studies = Revue Canadienne des etudes Africaines